Leaked iPad 5 case hints at thinner bezels, sleeker design

The iPad 5 rumour mill kicks into gear, and it'll only speed up from here on. Let the speculation begin...

An allegedly leaked iPad 5 case has made its way on to the interwebs, thanks to online blog Tactus' 'gadget spy'.

The iPad 5 case mould (in green) suggests that it'll have a smaller footprint while keeping the same 9.7in screen size, likely due to a thinner bezel.

The case also hints at an thinner design overall when compared to the blue iPad 4 mould, suggesting that Apple has managed to whittle away precious millimetres to create a sleeker profile.

That's all the info we have for the time being, and while cautiously sceptical, a thinner iPad 5 doesn't sound too far-fetched to us. We'll find out soon enough, with WWDC – and the next round of Apple products – likely to come in June.

[via Tactus]

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