iPhone 6 could have a 10MP camera with f/1.8 aperture and improved filter

The iPhone’s already impressive camera looks set to get an imaging boost

The latest whispers to waft out of the iRumour Mill should get mobile shutterbugs’ juices flowing.

Chinese site IT168’s sources believe that the iPhone 6 will land with a 10MP camera, a slight bump up from the 8MP snapper found in the current iPhone 5s.

Megapixels aren’t everything though, and the iPhone 6 will also arrive with an f/1.8 aperture lens – an improvement over the iPhone 5s’ current f/2.2 lens.

This means iPhone 6 users can expect to take pictures with a shallower depth of field, blurring backgrounds while keeping closer subjects in sharp focus.

The site also believes that Apple will opt for a new resin lens filter, created by Japanese manufacturer JSR.

The filter in question is currently used by digital cameras with CMOS image sensors and it’s lighter and thinner than existing IR filters. The benefits of the newer filter are likely to be clearer shots and more accurate colours.

Previous iPhone 6 camera reports have pointed to an 8MP sensor, but if the latest camera specs are true, then the iPhone looks set to keep its reputation as one of the best smartphone cameras around.

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[IT168 via Mac Rumours]


I agree with Markster1971.

Was Steve Jobs THAT much of a visionary?

One where the company cannot think/function now he's gone?

If you want a good camera, get a camera, if you MUST have one on a phone, get a Nokia!

I would guess the majority of iPhone owners are happy as long as it takes a good clear picture (which it does already).

If apple don't get a grip and listen to what people want from they're new/future iPhones they're going to keep losing market share until they are just another phone manufacturer and NOT a world leader in electronics form & design!  

I've had an iPhone since day one but I am considering changing, and have been for a while, i'm awaiting the '6' to see if they have learnt anything.... if not Samsung/HTC or Sony here i come!

In my humble opinion, they went wrong when they changed the original shape (now copied by the multi million selling samsung) for the flatter sided 'slab' look and they also went wrong by just elongating the screen by a fraction of an inch instead of making it 'useably larger, as everyone else has.

Huh 10mp camera what a joke. Well Apple are really making a big mistake. Should of least put a 13MP cam on. So at least they could use last year tech. but 10.

I-flop. they need to do something radical, me personally if they stick to the same design as Iphone 5S, they will be going down the pan.

They need to bring something new and fresh.

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