iPhone 6 case leak points to a side-mounted power button

The next iPhone looks set to have a slight reshuffle to prepare for its larger size

An allegedly genuine iPhone 6 case from a Chinese accessory maker has been picked up by French site Nowhereelse.fr, and it shows off a few button placement tweaks.

The largest change is seen in the power button, which has moved from the top of the iPhone 's body over to the upper right hand side, Galaxy S5-style.

A side-mounted power button will be easier to access one handed, and rectangular volume buttons similar to the fifth generation iPod Touch are also visible.

While there are no dimensions for the leaked case, the repositioning of the power button to the right hand side suggests that the iPhone 6 will be largest iPhone yet, as a side-mounted power button is much easier to reach with one hand than one positioned at the top.

All the rumours so far point to a 4.7in iPhone 6, although there have also been whispers of a second larger phablet model as well. We'll just have to wait till the official reveal in September, where all will be revealed.

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[Nowhereelse.fr via Mac Rumors]

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