iPhone 5S manual leaks, shows off fingerprint-scanning home button

The iPhone 5S leaks are flowing freely as the big reveal draws ever-closer

A reportedly genuine iPhone 5S manual has leaked courtesy of nowhereelse.fr, hours ahead of its official launch tonight at 6pm. And it supports the many rumours of a fingerprint scanner housed in the Home button.

Labelled as a 'Touch ID' sensor, the fingerprint scanner is expected to unlock the iPhone 5S with the swipe of an approved digit, though we think it could also be used to launch different apps as well, depending on which finger you've swiped.

The Home button also appears to be surrounded by a silver ring, supporting previous design rumours. It's also likely to be covered in sapphire glass to ensure that nothing short of a diamond will be able to mark its surface and interfere with its fingerprint recognition.

With the iPhone 5S and 5C launch fast approaching, we'll soon see whether or not you'll be scanning your way into your next iPhone with your fingertips.

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[Nowhereelse.fr via Gadgety News]

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