iOS 7 on iPad screenshots leak

Want a peek at Jony Ive’s newly flattened mobile OS in all its blown-up glory?

iOS 7 hasn’t even been released to the general public on iPhone yet, but the iPad version has appeared online courtesy of Sonny Dickson.

Bigger and better?

iOS 7 on iPad screenshots leak - Bigger and better? 2iOS 7 on iPad screenshots leak - Bigger and better? 3

Sure, we hear you say, that looks about right. But the screenshots have offered a few revelations. iOS 7's iPad Notification Center now takes up the whole screen, like its iPhone brother. Conversely the new Control Center only takes up a small section of the screen – despite gobbling half of the display on the iPhone version. Other changes include sparser Maps, Contacts, Spotlight search, and Settings.

The Verge points out that the flashlight control appears in the Control Center – suggesting that this is just a developer version of the iPad iOS 7 software that simply stretches the iPhone version to fit the iPad's screen. Either way it looks good – well, it does if you like iOS 7 – and you can expect to see it for real soon.

[Sonny Dickson via The Verge]

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Hope they ditch this 'vista/W7' like translucency.  I really don't like it, it makes the 'clean' interface look naff.  If they have a way of turning it off come the launch then that would be great!  I still haven't upgraded to IOS6 on my ipad cos they stuffed up Maps and some other areas, let's hope they listen to feedback and deliver a really slick OS in September.

This is just a simulator of iOS 7 on iPad, using the iPhone version.

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