iCheapskate: the 38 best free apps for iPhone and iPad

8. Spotify Music (iPhone/iPad)

Rather than packing your device full of music (and bear in mind iOS device storage cannot be expanded), try Spotify instead. The free version of the app provides access to millions of songs, with the caveat that albums are always shuffled and are occasionally interrupted by adverts. If you want to get around that restriction, a Premium subscription’s available for £9.99/US$9.99 per month. 

Download Spotify Music here

7. Musyc (iPhone/iPad)

This sound toy eschews traditional instruments. In their place: a selection of shapes and lines. These are added to the canvas, whereupon they create generative music through collisions. A selection of samples is included, providing scope for creating hours of ear-bashing ‘music’. If you want more, additional kits and shapes are available via IAP.

Download Musyc here

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6. Novation Launchpad (iPhone/iPad)

Launchpad is absurdly fun and manages that tricky proposition of appealing to music newbs and pros alike. It’s essentially a board of pads, which you prod to trigger pre-set loops. These are organised into genre-based sets, such as House and Dubstep, and it’s almost impossible to play something that doesn’t make you want to get up and dance about like a loon.

For anyone who’s hankering for a little more depth, IAPs exist for new sounds and the means to import your own audio; additionally, you can record sessions and edit the sounds triggered by each pad. 

Download Novation Launchpad here

5. Chunky Comic Reader (iPad)

There are quite a few comic readers available for iPad, and Chunky rarely gets a mention - which is rather bizarre when you consider that it’s free and astonishingly good.

Its organisational chops are a touch basic for large collections, but otherwise this is a first-class product. Settings enable you to adjust aspects of panning, page turns and rendering, including upscaling; the last of those things ensures comics in Chunky look stunning on the Retina display, even if the source material isn’t of the highest quality.

The app will happily grab comics from a range of cloud services, but splash out on the single £1.99 IAP and you also gain access to Mac/Windows shared folders and Chunky’s own web server. 

Download Chunky Comic Reader here

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