iCheapskate: the 38 best free apps for iPhone and iPad

4. Skype (iPhone/iPad)

Apple’s FaceTime generally works very well, but it doesn’t work at all unless the person you’re calling also owns Apple kit. Skype is available for a much wider range of platforms and can also be used to call landlines and mobiles; Skype-to-Skype calls are free, and calls elsewhere are usually cheaper than mobile plans. The app also includes instant messaging, for when you’d rather type than talk.

Download Skype for iPhone here

Download Skype for iPad here

3. Find My iPhone (iPhone/iPad)

Find My iPhone isn’t the most exciting app in the world. Install, sign in, and the app will locate any of your devices that have been approved for use on the service. But if your device is lost, Find My iPhone gives you a chance of locating it, in part by sending a full-volume sound for up to two minutes, even if the device is set to silent. As a worst-case scenario, you can use the app to remote-wipe your device.

Download Find My iPhone here

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2. Google Maps (iPhone/iPad)

Apple initially made a mess of its own maps solution, and even today it’s imperfect. The Apple Maps app is pretty good for driving directions, but it’s not great on foot and it remains poor for locating points of interest. Fortunately, Google’s alternative is excellent, accurate, and also bundles the useful Street View, for checking out routes before a long and unfamiliar journey.

Download Google Maps here

1. Dropbox (iPhone/iPad)

There’s no user-accessible file system on iOS. Documents are stored inside apps, which makes them a pain to share and access elsewhere. Dropbox works nicely as a surrogate file system for iOS. Many apps directly support the service, and the app itself successfully previews all kinds of files. For free, you get 2 GB of storage, and up to an additional 3 GB if you use Dropbox to save photos.

Download Dropbox here

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