iCheapskate: the 38 best free apps for iPhone and iPad

33. Paper by FiftyThree (iPad)

There are loads of drawing apps for the iPad, but few feel quite so elegant as Paper. Open the app and you get a little set of notebooks, which open with a tap. You can flip through pages and launch the editor with another tap. Drawing is responsive and fluid, akin to finger-painting in the future. For free, you get a paintbrush, seven colours and an eraser; more tools are available via IAP.

Download Paper by FiftyThree here

32. Flickr (iPhone)

Flickr’s had something of a resurgence in recent years, and the iPhone app is an especially nice way to browse your friends’ photos, and also to upload your own. The built-in camera works very nicely, and along with adding filters to your snaps, you can perform rather more delicate and precise edits.

Best of all, you can upload in the background (to a private album) all your iPhone photos, making full use of Flickr’s free 1TB of storage. 

Download Flickr here

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31. Retrica (iPhone)

As of iOS 7, the Camera app gained eight live filters, but Retrica’s selection is much larger, drawing on decades of photographic styles. Other tools further boost creativity, including vignettes, blurs and borders. Our favourite feature, though, is the interval timer, which takes a number of consecutive photos and stitches them together in a user-defined layout.

Download Retrica here

30. AmpliTube Free (iPhone/iPad)

AmpliTube is a hugely capable virtual amp system, boasting all kinds of sounds and tools for guitar heroes who prefer actual strings to plastic guitars with colourful buttons. Naturally, the free version is really a demo, with a load of IAP for unlocking new kit; however, the free app is still worth downloading, for its selection of basic set-ups (mostly based around delay pedals) and the built-in tuner.

Download AmpliTube for iPhone here

Download AmpliTube for iPad here

29. Remote (iPhone/iPad)

The remote control you get with an Apple TV could be considered elegant compared to the button-frenzy evident on most equivalents; however, it’s a mite fiddly for anything more than very basic menu navigation. With Remote, you can control your Apple TV using your iOS device, which rather helpfully includes a keyboard when making searches. The app can also control local iTunes libraries and send the audio on via AirPlay.

Download Remote here

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