Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadget gifts for Apple fans

olloclip 4-in-1 lens (US$70)

A quick look at Flickr’s stats shows how insanely popular iPhones are as cameras. In the old days, this was down to apps (because the iPhone’s camera was awful), but now it’s a combination of a surprisingly good lens, apps and additional hardware. The new olloclip 4-in-1 provides fisheye, wide-angle and two macro options. You can preorder now, but if you lack the patience or are a bit paranoid about delivery times, the lens’ predecessor is similarly impressive and available immediately from Apple, for £59.95.


SuperDrive (£65)

We’re in a time of transition regarding media. The move to digital is relentless, and yet shiny discs remain important. Apple’s entire range of new Macs now omits optical drives, but you can add a minimal and sleek SuperDrive to any Apple fan’s set up, to read, rip and burn CDs and DVDs (although not Blu-Ray, which Steve Jobs once referred to as a “bag of hurt”).

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Doxie Go (£150)

Even the smallest traditional scanners are quite hefty, but the Doxie Go is a far more mobile unit that’s easy enough to cart about. The software has built-in OCR for turning your paper documents into searchable PDFs, and it’ll also merrily sync to Macs and iOS devices over Wi-Fi if you add a wireless SD card. Charges don’t last long, though, so if you buy this for a loved one, spend an extra eight quid on a power adapter.

Susan Kare ICONS book (US$40)

Our last choice isn’t a gadget — it’s a book. And it’s made out of paper, too. The horror! But this is a gorgeous product, featuring 160 pages of icon loveliness. The designs within are all by Susan Kare, creator of the memorable and iconic (oho!) set of icons for the original Mac. The Happy Mac adorns the cover, presumably grinning over getting this much-deserved second-wind (after being unceremoniously replaced by a comparatively dull Apple logo during OS X 10.2’s boot-up sequence). Anyway, buy the book; at the very least, it’ll give you something to read when charging all your new shiny tech toys.

Kare Prints


Hi Citizens, at 60+ years the i4s is ok for me. The OLLOCCLIP at is a good buy, so why should we pay £59.95 for the old version. You are being descriminated against with every bit of kit you buy.

For my iMac27" I wanted a Belkin AV360 converter, in this country £196.00, I bought 1 from a shop in the U.S. for £38.55 (). When it got to Gatewick I had to pay £13.5 handling fee and import VAT £13.05. If the item cost more than £45, I would have been liable for importation duty also.

The moral of this winge is we pay five times as much as the U.S. Thats how much the welfare state, and all the hangers on cost us all. ATB John 

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