Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadget gifts for Apple fans

Chelsea compact leather wallet case for iPhone 5 and 5s (£25)

Wallet cases have a tendency to be bulky, but this example looks smart and is surprisingly compact. The iPhone is held tight in a shock-resistant rubberised holder, and there’s space for a few credit cards. The case is closed using a magnetic strip that has a satisfying snap. Simple, effective.


Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition Quadricopter (£320)

Yes, it’s expensive; yes, it’s got a stupid name; yes, you’re probably going to tire of it more quickly than you’d perhaps like. But this is a futuristic-looking helicopter that you control with your iPhone, and that includes an HD camera that records the flight (or, if you’re a bit useless, horrifying crash) direct to your iOS device!

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My First Computer (Byte Edition) (US$69)

The original Mac was a wonderful and strange, friendly little cuboid, at odds with its TV-like rivals. Its character is captured perfectly by Chris McVeigh’s Lego construction, which even includes a slide-out logic board and cabling for the tiny keyboard and even tinier mouse. For people who want to go the whole hog, there’s also a ‘hello’ sticker accessory available for $6.50. (If you prefer older Apple kit, there’s a Lego Apple II from the same store.)


Magic Trackpad (£60)

A few years ago, the Magic Trackpad was a nice-to-have, but now it’s borderline essential. OS X continues to embrace the kind of multitouch gestures that made iOS so successful, and a mouse no longer cuts it. As you’d expect from Apple, the trackpad is minimal and beautiful, and it has the kind of feel and responsiveness that makes rival kit stare daggers at its wear-resistant glass and sleek angles.

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Hi Citizens, at 60+ years the i4s is ok for me. The OLLOCCLIP at is a good buy, so why should we pay £59.95 for the old version. You are being descriminated against with every bit of kit you buy.

For my iMac27" I wanted a Belkin AV360 converter, in this country £196.00, I bought 1 from a shop in the U.S. for £38.55 (). When it got to Gatewick I had to pay £13.5 handling fee and import VAT £13.05. If the item cost more than £45, I would have been liable for importation duty also.

The moral of this winge is we pay five times as much as the U.S. Thats how much the welfare state, and all the hangers on cost us all. ATB John 

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