Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadget gifts for Apple fans

Whether they’re into Macs, iPhones or iPads, these gift ideas will make any Apple fan grin on Christmas Day

If history is anything to go by, Santa will be working overtime this year, delivering Apple kit to all the boys and girls (of all ages; if you’re listening, big guy, we’ve been very good and would love an iPad Air).

But beyond the realm of iPhones, iPads, Mac minis and iMacs, there are plenty of gadgets and accessories to make an Apple fan squeal with joy.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Air (£90)

Despite what Microsoft would have you believe, most of the time a tablet really doesn’t need a physical keyboard. But for those times when it does, an iPad and a Logitech Ultrathin make perfect companions. The cover holds the iPad firmly in place, and the keyboard is almost full-size and a joy to type on. It also doubles as a sturdy screen protector that attaches via the magic of magnets. (The same cover also exists for older models of iPad.)

Apple TV (£100)

On the face of it, the Apple TV looks like a missed opportunity, referred to by Apple as a ‘hobby’ and lacking an App Store. Yet once you own one, you realise it’s a great purchase; along with providing access to the iTunes Store and iTunes Match, it also enables you to beam audio, video and games to a TV from any iOS device via AirPlay, or you can pull and live-encode video from a PC or Mac if you invest in Air Video or StreamToMe.

Apple Store

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Qubits iPad stand (£16)

This stand is a touch cheap and cheerful, but it’s chunky and rugged, and — importantly — almost impossible to accidentally tip over, ensuring it keeps an iPad safe. Unlike many of its rivals, the Qubits stand is fully adjustable, making it great for reading, watching videos or — when almost flat — playing games. The more design-conscious might also consider the solid Griffin A-Frame (Apple Store, £25) and svelte easel-like Compass (Apple Store, £40).

iPad Hut

Libratone Zipp (£370)

Speakers that attempt to do something different are often gimmicky failures, but the Libratone Zipp bucks the trend. Clothed in Italian wool, it looks fun and funky, but the unit also pumps out detailed, punchy sound. It’s possible to party like it’s 1999 and tether a device to the unit using cables, but wireless streaming over AirPlay’s a better bet. And if you fancy a change of colour, new covers can be bought for £39.95.


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Hi Citizens, at 60+ years the i4s is ok for me. The OLLOCCLIP at is a good buy, so why should we pay £59.95 for the old version. You are being descriminated against with every bit of kit you buy.

For my iMac27" I wanted a Belkin AV360 converter, in this country £196.00, I bought 1 from a shop in the U.S. for £38.55 (). When it got to Gatewick I had to pay £13.5 handling fee and import VAT £13.05. If the item cost more than £45, I would have been liable for importation duty also.

The moral of this winge is we pay five times as much as the U.S. Thats how much the welfare state, and all the hangers on cost us all. ATB John 

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