Best iPhone apps this week

Download all this week's apps and you'll become a web-slinging pro photographer with the ability to get podcasts sans iTunes for a superpower


£Free, App Store

Best iPhone apps this week - Foap 2

Instagram has turned everyone into a photographer. It seems only logical, then, that someone would take the opportunity to cash in. Enter Foap, the app that lets you sell your photos in an online marketplace for US$10 a snap (about £6.40). Foap takes half the profit, but considering the app’s free, it's not a bad deal.


69p, App Store

Best iPhone apps this week - WTHR 2

Yes, we're sick of weather apps too, but WTHR is a breath of fresh north-easterly air deserving of your attention. Offering a soothing interface that's both beautiful and stripped-down, WTHR is simple but stunningly photorealistic. Because you can’t see too much rain.

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£Free, App Store

Best iPhone apps this week - Podcasts 2

In an attempt to simplify the podcast aspect of its service, Apple has released this – the imaginatively titled Podcasts – for your iDevice. What’s it for? Well, mainly no more requirement to use iTunes when accessing podcasts, but also a brand new interface that brings all your streams and recordings together. Sleek and simple, just how we like it.

Chrome Browser

£Free, App Store

Best iPhone apps this week - Chrome Browser 2

With Google Chrome now ranking as the world's most popular browser, a mobile version seemed only a matter of time. Now it's here, we're not disappointed. The ability to sync tabs between desktop and mobile device is joyfully slick, and the speech-to-text search function is scarily accurate.

The Amazing Spider-Man

£4.99, App Store

Best iPhone apps this week - The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Ever fancied donning the Spidey suit but didn't fancy the stress levels associated with being a real superhero? Today's your day. More than just a gimmicky movie tie-in, the Amazing Spiderman-Man offers a huge open world adventure. Climb, jump and web-sling your way around Manhattan – and when you're done exploring, take down that pesky Lizard fella.

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