Apple is looking to buy PrimeSense – the father of Kinect - for US$345 million

The next iPhone and Apple iTV could have 3D motion controls, if the tech giant's latest rumoured purchase is anything to go by

Apple is reportedly forking out US$345 million for PrimeSense - the company which created and licensed the 3D gesture-based technology which Microsoft injected into the Kinect sensor.

While Calcalist has confirmed that the deal has been signed off, The Wall Street Journal believes that talks are still ongoing.

Either way, it looks like ink will meet paper in the very near future, opening up our imaginations to a whole host of motion-controlled iThings.

The obvious candidate for PrimeSense's motion controlled tech is the secretive upcoming Apple iTV, offering telly addicts a way to ditch their remotes and channel surf with a few flicks of their wrists.

PrimeSense even has a miniature sensor called the Capri, which could make its way into the iPhone 6, if Apple feels like being particularly ambitious.

In the meantime of course you could always strap a 3D Structure Sensor onto your iPad for your iDevice 3D camera fix.

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