5 new iOS apps you need this week

This week we've got strategy, music and shooting games, sport news and an app that clues you in on the best street food

From building space stations with Tetris blocks to getting the tastiest street food in your area, we’ve scoured the App Store for the greatest new apps you need in your arsenal this week.

The Drowning (£Free)

First person shooters are becoming a popular genre on mobile devices, but their sticking point has always been how to make such a complicated control system work easily on a touchscreen. With this in mind, the devs behind The Drowning have designed its controls from the ground up. Instead of fiddly on-screen joysticks, you’ll use familiar touchscreen controls, like swipes, taps and pinches, making lopping the heads off the zombies out to get you much easier, not to mention much more satisfying.

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BT Sport (£Free)

BT Sport launched last week, and following right behind it is the app allowing subscribers to watch BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN live and on the go. Challenging Sky for its sporting crown, BT Sport will show 38 Premier League matches this season, as well as football from the SPL, Bundesliga, Serie A and rugby from the Aviva Premiership to name a few. The app will also offer on-demand content, some exclusive streaming and all the fixtures, results and stats you’ll need for down the pub.

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Rymdkapsel (£2.49)

Rymdkapsel is a stripped back strategy game set in space, in which you are in command of a base of rectangular workers, building a space station and fighting off waves of enemy attacks. You control what your workers do and when, deciding on how best to build the Tetris-block space station for both success against enemy forces and researching the four monoliths at each corner of the play area. Don’t let its simplicity fool you though – despite its lack of storyline and minimalist design, it’ll take some seriously clever thinking to get by.

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Dropchord (£1.99)

Music game Dropchord combines an original 10-track strong electronic soundtrack with some rather mesmerising neon visuals. You control a beam of light stretching across the diameter of a circle, dodging scratches and collecting musical notes in order to progress. There are two different modes, the first allowing you to take on Dropchord as a level-based game or “full mix mode”, offering an endless experience that’ll get harder the further along you get.

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BritishSt.Food (£Free)

Posh restaurants and Michelin stars are all well and good, but great, down-to-earth street food is often where you’ll find some of Britain’s biggest foodie talent. BritishSt.Food is the brainchild of Guardian food columnist and founder of the British Street Food Awards, Richard Johnson, and allows you to search, rate and favourite the street vendors you have in your area via daily updated GPS maps. Traders can upload their details through the app too, keeping punters up to date on when and where they’ll be serving, plus exclusive offers.

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