10 best iOS 7-optimised apps for your iPhone and iPad

Sky Guide (£1.49/$1.99, universal)

Apple likes to bang on about how its devices are ‘magical’, and no app makes that very nearly a reality more than a stargazing one. There’s something about the marriage of ancient heavens and cutting-edge technology that feels extraordinary. Sky Guide’s latest update adds optional parallax, crystal clear typography and the usual iOS 7 sheen.

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TiltsShiftGen2 (69p/$0.99, iPhone)

This photography app might have a clunky name, but the interface is anything but. Peppered with thoroughly modern controls, it feels every inch an iOS 7 photo app. Within seconds, you’ll be creating fake miniatures from your photos, along with editing saturation, brightness, contrast and vignettes. The whole thing’s rounded off with a selection of filters.

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Scratch (£1.99/$2.99, iPhone)

iOS 7 has its own Notes app, but it feels like a leftover from iOS 6, due to the embossed lettering and paper textures. With its crisp interface, Scratch is much more cutting-edge, but it also betters Apple’s app in terms of writing tools (live character count, Markdown support) and plentiful sharing options.

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Momento (free, iPhone)

Momento doesn’t quite strip everything back as much as other iOS 7 updates, but it’s still a very appealing app, giving you a modern take on a diary. Entries can be manually added or sucked in from social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The result is a great-looking, readable and searchable record of your life.

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Evernote (free, universal)

Truth be told, we’d never warmed to Evernote on iOS 6. The interface felt busy and cluttered. That’s no longer the case with this completely redesigned app inspired by and embracing the clean simplicity of iOS 7. The smart layout shows the features you need, and it’s simple and fast to add new notes and access existing ones.

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All renders courtesy of Pixeden