10 best iOS 7-optimised apps for your iPhone and iPad

We scour the App Store to find the very best apps that make use of Apple’s new and minimal design language

Apple’s iOS 7 changed iPhones and iPads forever, but what hasn’t changed is your apps. Older ones still sport the iOS 6 interface, including bevelled buttons and the original iOS keyboard.

Such products now feel ‘heavy’ and out of place compared to Apple’s lighter and simpler design work in the likes of Mail and Weather, but savvy developers have already reworked their products to suit. We’ve rummaged through the App Store to find ten essential updates that aren’t just ready for iOS 7, but that are also truly optimised for it.

TED (free, universal)

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) has for decades led the way in spreading innovative ideas, largely through talks by a varied selection of extremely clever people. The iOS app was always a great way to browse and delve into those ideas worth sharing, and the iOS 7 update brings a fresh new design and also a revamped audio bar with time seeker and 30-second rewind.

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PCalc (£6.99/$9.99, universal)

PCalc’s always been the best traditional calculator for iOS, and the new update brings a minimalist iOS theme to the table, with a number of colour variations. In a nod to accessibility, iOS 7’s often gratuitous animations can also be disabled, and for misers, there’s a free version, PCalc Lite, to which you can add functionality via IAP. It’s perfect for iPads that lack a calculator app by default.

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UK Train Times (£4.99/$6.99, iPhone)

Never has the gulf been wider between the official National Rail Enquiries app and UK Train Times. Whereas the former looks like a drunken Android app got lost and collapsed in your iPhone, UK Train Times now boasts a stunning interface that provides a great degree of clarity when figuring out exactly how to get home.

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Reeder 2 (£2.99/$4.99, universal)

The original Reeder on iPad was a victim of Google Reader’s closure, but the iPhone version limped on. Now, the app’s been reborn in universal form, fully embracing Apple’s new design language. In truth, we’d be happier if there were perhaps a touch fewer animations lurking, but there’s still no better way to use RSS on your iOS device.

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Twitterrific (£1.99/$2.99, universal)

Although the official Twitter app got an iOS 7 update, Twitterrific feels more at home on your device. Along with major performance upgrades, this new release adds more gestures, Safari Reading List support, and, of course, visual enhancements that bring it fully into line with iOS 7’s clean lines.

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