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App of the Week: CounterSpy
18 September 2014 / 17:28BST

App of the Week: CounterSpy review

It’s a sneaky side-scrolling spy ‘em up with a snazzy art style and randomly generated levels
Riders app review for Android and iPhone
17 June 2014 / 16:55BST

App of the week: Riders review

Become the extreme sports star you've always secretly wanted to be with Riders for Android and iPhone
App of the week: LEX
15 June 2014 / 9:03BST

App of the week: LEX review

A bit like Scrabble strapped to a jet-pack that has the intention of firing your brain into the sun
02 June 2014 / 16:32BST

App of the week: Monument Valley review

Immerse yourself in a beautiful world of impossible architecture, guiding a silent princess to an unknown and mysterious goal