Ultimate setup: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Smart Dock

Giving the Galaxy Note 3 a major physical connectivity boost, this dock allows you to hook up the phablet to a USB keyboard or mouse, external storage devices, an HDTV or 3.5mm audio gear, all while charging its battery.

£55, Mobile Fun

Folio case: Incipio Watson

There’s no shortage of wallet-style cases for the Note 3 and its ilk, but the Watson stands out from the crowd because it actually is a wallet, sort of: it features three slots for credit cards (or credit card-sized items). The flip cover is made from leather, the interior is lined with microsuede to prevent scratches, and there’s a hard shell exterior for added protection.

£30, Mobile Fun

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Samsung Galaxy Gear

As you’ll discover if you read our full review, the Samsung Galaxy Gear isn’t the smartwatch of your dreams – but it does make the ideal partner for a Galaxy Note 3. Why? Well, because the Note 3’s size makes it impractical to keep pulling out every 30 seconds to check notifications, texts and emails, and the Gear can let you keep tabs on all these things merely by glancing at your wrist. You can reply to messages using S Voice and even, if you’re brave enough to be seen barking into a watch, make phone calls.

£300, Samsung

Arcam rBlink wireless DAC

Given the Galaxy Note 3's support for Hi-Res Audio, investing in a DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) makes a lot of sense. And the Arcam rBlink is one of the more mobile-friendly models thanks to its support for the aptX codec, which means it can stream lossless audio (in up to 24-bit/96kHz quality) from the Note 3 totally wirelessly. Hook the rBlink up to your home hi-fi and you'll be able to listen to the Note 3's stunningly detailed Hi-Res Audio tracks nice and loud.

£160, Sevenoaks Sound & Vision