This portable Android-powered projector puts a 250in screen in the palm of your hand

Finally, you can share your delightful cat videos with the entire train carriage. Professor Bojangles will be famous at long last

Oh wow, a projector. Never seen one of those before.

Yes, this is a projector, and you’ve undoubtedly come across many of them in your bitter travels. But how many had an Android heart beating within?

Er… none?
Exactly. The Odin projector by the oddly named Dos Owls is a miniature, battery-powered projector with quad-core internals capable of powering Android 4.4 KitKat completely independent of any other device.

That means you can run Netflix, browse the web, play games and work on documents, using nothing but the projector itself. 

One yard from a wall will give you a 25in image, while 10 yards bumps that up to a whopping 250 inches.

It’s even got two 4W speakers, and two USB ports, making it a self-sufficient portable media powerhouse.

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That… that actually does sound pretty useful. But how bright is it? How long does the battery last?
All excellent questions. There’s no official lumens figure given, and we have to admit, the videos we’ve seen suggest that you’ll need a dark room for an optimum viewing experience. The 854 x 480 resolution won’t blow you away either, although a two hour cord-free battery life should be enough to stream a couple of episodes on Netflix before you need to recharge.

Not the best projector specs in the land then, but this isn’t exactly supposed to replace a high-end fridge-sized home cinema projector. The Odin is a portable all-in-one solution to sharing content with a group of people, with the least hassle possible.

I’ll consider it. How much is it?
The Odin is currently available on Kickstarter for US$500, with an estimated delivery period set for December. It’s raised US$189,000 at the time of writing. If it keeps up this momentum, it should comfortably reach its US$250,000 goal within two weeks.

All that’s left is for you to decide if you want in on the smart micro projector revolution…

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