Lenovo Yoga Tablet lands with an 18 hour battery life and built-in kickstand

Lenovo's new slate will keep on going... and going... and going...

Lenovo, with a little help from new product engineer Ashton Kutcher (don't ask), has revealed the Lenovo Yoga - an Android tablet which boasts an impressive 18 hour battery life, along with a unique design.

Available in 10in and 8in models, the Yoga reminds us a little of the Sony Xperia Tablet S' wedge shape design, although it's a little different.

The Yoga melds into a cylindrical shape at its bottom, where most of the weight is distributed. This, according to Lenovo, makes it more comfortable to hold with one hand, but that's not the only trick up the Yoga's sleeve.

Stand up tall

Built into the cylinder's rear is a sturdy kickstand which is designed to prop up the Yoga when watching movies. You can also lay the Yoga down flat with the stand out, angling it towards you for a more comfortable tabletop gaming experience.

Both the 10in and 8in models feature a 1280x800 screen (which is less pixel-packed than we'd hoped for),  as well as a flash-less 5MP camera in the rear and a 1.6MP one in the front, and they're powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core processor along with 1GB of RAM.

16GB of internal storage can be boosted by a microSD card slot which supports cards up to 64GB and a microSIM slot is also present for 3G shenanigans.

The magical 18 hour battery life is all thanks to the 6,000mAh battery in the 8in model and a 9,000mAh battery in the 10in model, and productivity fiends can also spring for an optional Bluetooth keyboard cover which magnetically attaches to the Yoga for faster typing.

The Lenovo Yoga tablet will be available for £200 and £250 for the 8in and 10in tablets respectively (competitively priced against the £200 Nexus 7) and they'll be out on 30 October.

Stay tuned for our hands-on review of the Lenovo Yoga tablet to see what we made of it in the flesh.

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