Best Android apps this week

Rouse yourself from your slumber and help a sheep escape a box in the pick of this week's Android apps

From classic console ports to modern puzzlers – and an alarm clock that wakes you up with the sound of sizzling bacon – we've rounded up the pick of the week's Android apps.

Flying Fox (£Free)

In Flying Fox, you play as a fox who has, rather inexplicably, attached himself to some sort of propeller device and mastered the art of personal flight. And now he’s on a mission for food. You’ll guide him around each stage, armed with weapons and explosives, as you attempt to plunder the farm of all its chickens before the time is up. There’s a hint of Angry Birds going on here, for sure, but its different gameplay mechanics keep it feeling fresh.

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Final Fantasy IV (£10.99)

Final Fantasy IV, Square Enix’s 1991 RPG classic, has hopped over from console to Android, following in the footsteps of Final Fantasy III’s port last year. You’ll get all the goodness of the original game here, including the Active Time Battle (ATB) system, which made its debut in this game and became synonymous with the series. You will get some added extras though, with a new mapping feature to keep you guessing what’s next, and a jukebox, so you can listen to the game’s soundtrack anytime. It’s not cheap, but it’ll keep you entertained for hours. 

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Warmly (£1.49)

Describing itself as “a friendlier start to your day”, Warmly is an alarm clock with a difference. And who doesn’t need that? Instead of incessant beeps or sirens dragging you from your slumber kicking and screaming, Warmly will wake you up gently with sounds you like – be that weather sounds, coffee brewing or the sound of cooking breakfast, for example. A few minutes before your alarm is due to sound, Warmly will pick up the weather information for your area and start to play ambient sounds to suit. It will then slowly start raising the volume and adding in your chosen sounds over a period of five minutes for a more natural wake up.

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Crayon Physics Deluxe (£1.69)

Crayon Physics Deluxe allows you to unleash your inner child, draw a dream world out of crayon and watch it come to life. Your aim is a little more trickier than that, though. You have to roll a ball to meet a star in each level, drawing objects or making use of any already-drawn props to make it happen. You can be as practical or as creative as you like, learning more about the objects you can draw and how they can help you as the levels go on.

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Sheep Up!

A tiny toy sheep is stuck in a cardboard box, and your mission is to get him out before he’s put into storage. Whatever next, eh? But seriously, Sheep Up! is a really well though-out game: part-puzzler, part-platformer, but with a twist. Your perspective is a top-down, bird’s eye view approach, making things that little bit trickier. You have to control your sheep by tilting your device, collecting coins and bouncing upwards towards the top of the box for freedom. Of course customisable outfits and power ups are all par for the course, with in-app purchases to help you out should you be so inclined.

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