11 ways to make Android look even better than iOS 7

Pushing the right buttons

Icons can transform the look of your home screen, dock and app drawer and there are hundreds of icon packs available on the Play Store catering to all tastes. From minimal and flat to bold and three dimensional, you can automatically replace most of (if not all) of your app icons to suit your tastes.

The better larger icon packs are updated with new icons for new apps and you can even mix and match icons manually.

In launchers like Nova or Apex, it's just a simple case of going into the launcher settings and choosing the icon pack you want to use. A few clicks is all it takes to become an Android plastic surgeon and many icon packs or compatible between different third party launchers.

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Don't overlook the basics

Your wallpaper is the foundation of your home screen and it's probably the first thing you'll want to select before matching up icons to it.

11 ways to make Android more beautiful than iOS 7

You can go the traditional 'wonders of nature route', but we think that abstract backgrounds are like, so 'in' right now, and we've linked to a few wallpaper dumps at the end of this feature for you to peruse at your leisure.

"But what about iOS 7's beautiful moving Parallax wallpaper"? we hear you cry. "It looks so pretty and shiny, and it moves around when I tilt my phone"!

Indeed it does. But fret not. Android offered interactive live wallpapers long before iOS 7 came along and you can even get a very decent copy of Apple's Parallax background from the Google Play Store, complete with moving 3D effects to make you nauseous too.


I would also suggest looking at apps like Awesome Icons in the Play store. They allow you to use icon packs without 3rd party launchers, so they're great for small-scale customization.


Which theme is the one of the first image? The one in which the wallpaper is a poly mountain. Thx!!

Any reason you failed to mention Buzz launcher?  Much like Themer but it's been around longer and I'm finding it better at present whilst both in Beta.

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