30 best free apps for Android

6. Airbnb

Hotels are great when other people are paying, or if you have pots of cash to waste, but otherwise they're rarely situated where you want them. Airbnb is one of the stars of the so-called shareconomy, an accommodation network built around normal people offering up their unused rooms for a little bit of extra cash.

The result? You'll be able to find somewhere to stay right in the heart of the city, up a mountain or even down a river, often for a very decent price. Just spend a minute browsing the amazing pads on offer and you'll be hooked.

Download Airbnb here

7. Any.do To-do list & task list

We're all busy. Busy creating Stuff To Do lists and sticking them in our bags, on the front door, in our back pockets and tapping them into note apps on our phones. Any.do is the best way to keep on top of all those loose ends, thanks to its cloud syncing and sharing skills. You can have it running as a live widget on your homescreen and also separate your tasks into different folders.

Download Any.do here

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8. Comics

With access to over 45,000 comics from DC, Marvel, Image Comics, IDW and Disney, the Comics app is the place to go for all things graphically novel. You get quite a few freebies to get you started, with more free titles released each week. Paid-for comics will typically set you back between £0.69 and £2.49. The app really comes alive on larger devices, where you can pore over the panels in a more leisurely manner than on a phone.

Download Comics here

9. Zoopla Property Search

It won't necessarily find everything in your chosen area, but Zoopla (which incorporated Findaproperty.com in 2012) has a huge amount of properties for sale, and even if it's just used as a jumping off point it can give you a good idea of what's available and the prices involved. The app itself could be easier to use, but it does the basics of allowing you to search on specific area, property type, number of bedrooms and add keywords, then browse photos and link up with the agent. 

Download Zoopla Property Search here

10. Cocktail Flow - Drink recipes

The best feature of this cocktail recipe book is the way you can tell it what odds and ends you've got lurking in the cupboard under the sink, and then ask it to suggest palatable ways to mix them up. It also comes with a library of popular cocktails, with additional packs that can be downloaded for a small fee.

Download Cocktail Flow - Drink Recipes here

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Why do so many Apps need to know virually everything about you, and what you do, when, where, how and why, except for your shoe size and make of underwear??

For instance "Navfree" - why does it need my Contacts information?

Or my Photos?


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it's a nice list, but I would add few more apps

take a look here http://veemo.net/must-have-android-apps it's nice list of essential apps

Here is a list of my top 50 apps with a video presentation of each: 


Let me know what you guys think.

A very good app as well for keeping your passwords in one safe place: oneSafe Essentials


You now have only one password to remember!


I found this app which has very selected and best apps… some of apps are unique I wonder how I missed those ones.


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