35 best free apps for Android

26. Pocket

An absolutely indispensable app, Pocket lets you save webpages for offline reading. It's super-easy to use, installing a shortcut into your mobile browser so you can send articles over to it with a click; extensions for desktop browsers are also available, so if something catches your eye at work you can whisk it over to the app for reading on the commute home.

Once in the app you can easily share articles with other people or to social media and it'll even strip out ads from the articles if you want it to. Frankly, we can't imagine life without it.

Download Pocket here

27. Feedly

With the demise of Google Reader, the world needed an alternative RSS reader - and Feedly fits the bill nicely.

It does pretty much everything you'd want an RSS reader to do, presenting the latest stories from your favourite media outlets and blogs in an attractive, easily browsable list. You'll find every site you might ever be interested in - yes, Stuff.tv is in there - plus it integrates neatly with the likes of Pocket and Evernote and sharing stories to social media is but a matter of a click.

Download Feedly here

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28. Flipboard

The basic idea behind Flipboard is that turns your social media feeds into a constantly updating magazine, displaying the latest updates from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and many more in a lovely grid-based design. But there's a lot more to it than that, with the ability to add content from specific RSS feeds or just by subject making it a truly personalised digital mag.

It's ridiculously simple to use and works so well that Samsung used it to power its My Magazine app for its latest smartphones. High praise indeed.

Download Flipboard here

29. LokLok

Now here's an interesting idea: an editable lockscreen that you use to share pictures and notes with your friends. Confused? So were we to start with. 

Basically, you set a picture as your lockscreen then scribble on top of it. Whatever you draw or write will then appear on top of the lockscreens of all those in your LokLok group. 

The app is (presumably) intended to be used for swiftly sharing notes and pics between people, without them even having to unlock their phone. But of course we used it to share juvenile scrawlings with each other. Ahem.

It's currently in beta, so expect a few bugs, but hopefully they'll be ironed out soon.

Download LokLok here

30. RouteShoot Video and GPS app

Like a blend of GoPro, Strava and Google Streetview, RouteShoot lets healthy types create map-based videos of their latest adventures then share them for route guidance, improving technique or simply entertainment.

You'll need a smartphone mount to get the most out of it - certainly if you plan to use it on your bike - but once that's sorted it'll use your phone's camera to shoot footage of your latest off-road excursion, linking it with a map of where you've been and providing data on elevation and speed.

An in-app purchase adds HD video, but really the quality of the footage is less important here than the ability to share routes with your mates.

Download RouteShoot Video and GPS app here

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My picks for best android apps i.e. top 10 android apps are as follows:-

1)UC Browser http://www.8apk.net/2015/01/uc-browser-apk-android-download.html 

2)Google play sdervices http://www.8apk.net/2014/12/googleplay-services-apk-download.html

3)framaroot apk http://www.8apk.net/2014/12/download-framaroot-apk-latest-android.html

4)Rom Toolbox pro http://www.8apk.net/2014/12/rom-toolbox-pro-apk-download.html

5)Wifikill apk http://www.8apk.net/2015/01/wifikillapk-wifikill-wifikill-download-pro.html

6)lucky patcher apk http://www.8apk.net/2015/01/luckypatcher-apk-luckypatcher-luckypatcher-d...

7)Modded play store http://www.8apk.net/2015/01/modded-google-play-store-download-install-ch...

8)Freedom apk http://www.8apknet/2014/12/freedom-apk-freedomapk-freedom-apk-download.html

9)droidsheep apk http://www.8apk.net/2014/09/droidsheep-apk-download-droidsheep.html

10)Faceniff apk http://www.8apk.net/2014/12/faceniff-apk-cracked-download-latest.html



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"Lollipop Lickers"

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Android apps I use: 





Smile ManagerHR can help with benefits administration, compensation management, information analysis, company report writing, and many other HR processes.

The ManagerHR android apps shows you a number of product/services provided by the system.

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Wallpaper set at predefined time or/and date.

Remember your friend's birthdays and name days by setting a picture of them as wallpaper at that date. Anniversaries, appointments and 'big' days can be much more easier to remember by setting a relevant subject image.

To add to these applications there is a new application Call+ launched for iOS and android which allows you to make a free call to a Mobile or Landline. It has new features diiferent from existing online calling applications. Follow the link for more details about Call+ : http://www.techuntold.com/free-online-calling-with-call/

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