30 best free apps for Android

21. Runkeeper - GPS Track Run Walk

If you're putting yourself through a fitness grind alone, this virtual back-patter will help spur you on. It tracks all your runs, walks and rides, then does the maths to tell you (and the entire world via social media) how many calories you've burnt, how far you've gone and generally how heroic you've been over the past week or so. The in-app purchase model keeps it all nice and tidy too, so even in the basic free format it's a very neat app to use. 

Download Runkeeper - GPS Track Run Walk here

22. WiFi File Transfer

Google's liberal management of the Play store leads to some strange situations, such as the presence of six apps with exactly the same name. Here we're referring to the one developed by smarterDroid. We find it the easiest way to move files wirelessly to and from a computer and an Android device on an ad-hoc basis. The free version has a file size limit of 5MB, but you can buy the full, unlimited version for £0.88. 

Download WiFi File Transfer here

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23. Peppa's Paintbox

We don't review childen's cartoons, but if we did, Peppa Pig would get five stars because it's consistently brilliant in its own little way, full of practical education wrapped up in addictively snappy episodes. Like the CBeebies app, this porcine painting app has no hidden agenda so your kids can paint away without being tripped up or led astray by ads, links or in-app purchases. Madame Gazelle would certainly approve. 

Download Peppa's Paintbox here

24. TuneIn Radio

Take a break from the endless banality of UK radio and tune in to a different point of view or musical selection. So long as you have a half-decent data connection, this app will tickle your ears with audio streams from all over the world, browsable by location, genre or what's trending. It also works as an on-demand podcast player. It's brilliant for in-car entertainment, so long as you have a data contract that can take the strain. 

Download TuneIn Radio here

25. Vine

One of the best ways to get your fix of LOLs is to flick your way through Vine's stream of micro-movies. The quality is always going to vary, but the way the app delivers them is beautifully quick and simple. Just check out your feed or do a search (say, #skatefails), then enjoy a string of LOLable 4-second loops. Maybe even upload a few of your own. 

Download Vine here

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Free app SpeedGeek, has many cool features which you may need in car, bike, boat or plane ;) 

Chceck it out : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.capps.speedgeekfree

[Android APP][2.2+]Child Proof Gadget-Child Lock (App for parents) 

Child proof gadget is now more powerful. Exit from 'Kid Area' is nearly impossible, for a kid now.


I would definitely add #LetsMeetApp here. It's an app that enhaces the probability of meeting your friends. It has proceeded the #Facebook Nearby Friends. And it is way better. Here's LetsMeetApp at Google Play: http://bit.ly/19YZpAa

Nice collection of Apps. I have installed pic2text app recently. I really love the app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pictotext It will separate text information from picture and saves lots of time.

Google Translate and TWICKETS is the best <a href ="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameimax.kidsnaildoctor"> app </a>for all, you all must start to use it


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There is an app on the App Store that let's you get apps which require payment for free!! Go to http://featu.re/2MJ6LG to download it and use code 2MJ6LG to get 50 points when you join.

Adding a Bills Reminder app in your list will add more flavour. Here's another good finance app called YourELink Smart Bills Reminder



Here is a collection of the funniest android apps Smile http://www.remembertheapp.com

try this cool android game



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