35 best free apps for Android

16. BBC Cbeebies Playtime

A lot of free apps for children are beset by confusing prompts for in-app purchases that can seriously hamper the fun. CBeebies Playtime is an ad-free lucky dip of educational games and activities for pre-school children, based on some of the channel's biggest shows and characters, including Mr Tumble, Tree Fu Tom, The Octanauts and real-life actual people such as Andy and Nina. 

Download BBC CBeebies Playtime here

17. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is great because it's not just the same old music rehashed in a new, futile money-making shell. It does hold a lot of full-length commercial tracks but it's the unique user-generated music that makes it special. That means DJ mixes, remixes, cover versions, live recordings and recitals, snippets, sounds and spoken word contibutions. If you want to listen beyond the sphere of Spotify, cock your ear this way. 

Download SoundCloud here

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18. Met office weather application

All UK weather forecasts are based on information and predictions from the Met Office, so why not get your forecast from the horse's mouth? This app doesn't go in for swanky visuals but does give it to you straight, with timeline breakdowns of the changing skies plus map-based predictions of advancing weather systems. If you're less of a weather geek, try the BBC Weather app for a prettier presentation of much the same stuff. 

Download Met Office Weather Application here

19. VLC For Android Beta

Wouldn't it be lovely if there was one video format to rule them all, like MP3 is to music? Well, dream on... Until that day you'll be thankful for VLC, which aims to play every video format you'll ever encounter. If you like to source your movies from varied locations you'll find this one of the most useful apps on your phone or tablet. It's ad-free and doesn't try to harvest all your personal data either, which makes a nice change. 

Download VLC For Android Beta here

20. Dropbox

As Android moves closer to home computer territory, syncing photos, music and work documents is increasingly important. As a free service, Dropbox offers 2GB of pleasingly simple online storage which is automatically synced whenever you log in from any of your devices – very useful for occassional file transfers, semi-permanent documents and shared folders. The Android app is nothing fancy but it doesn't need to be, getting the job done without fuss. 

Download Dropbox here

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To add to these applications there is a new application Call+ launched for iOS and android which allows you to make a free call to a Mobile or Landline. It has new features diiferent from existing online calling applications. Follow the link for more details about Call+ : http://www.techuntold.com/free-online-calling-with-call/

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Please add this aweosme Android Quotes app in your list:


try instafusion image blender app. it  has a very easy and beautiful interface!! check out https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.techbla.instafusion

Nice list... another great app is Mailwise.

it's a great email app that supports multiple email accounts like hotmail and outlook, and arranges your mail into conversations. It made my life so much easier.


Great List! I am very suprised their are no free calling & texting apps listed on this list though! They are very usefull when traveling abroad! Check out an app called "dingaling" very useful



Hi very good information. Recenty I downloaded a app by name basefolder, In which we can store unlimited files and access it from anywhere. This is really a very useful app for secure data storage.


WOWSOME (http://wowsomeapp.com/), an alternate for your photoshop images. It augments your real world with out using of photoshop. Allows the user to take a snap as Batman, headed crown, handled reptiles, funny, scary, dary different approaches. Try to get awesome pictures with WOWSOME Objects.

Predict the rating of a new movie. Really interesting, try it out:


When will you review POS apps?  I was using Square but then i got rid of my iPad and got a Galaxy android tablet. The one i'm using now is SirclePOS. It's made by www.cornerstorepos.com  .  The back office is sweet, use it to create new products.  check it out at http://sircle.mobi

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