35 best free apps for Android

11. Money Tracker

Easily our favourite app for keeping a handle on incomings and outgoings, Money Tracker strikes a sensible balance between simplicity and features. As well as the basic sums, it lets you create your own folders and categories, so you can see where it all goes each month, and more easily define where you might be able to make savings in future. Did you really spend that much on coffee this week? Maybe you should invest in a flask this weekend. 

Download Money Tracker here

12. Hangouts

"Hey! Who wants brunch at Choochies today?" "Count me in! I've got tickets to the Nicks game, wanna come too?" Etc. Alternatively you can use Hangouts to message friends via text, video and emoticon-style "emojis" in a more realistic manner. "Train cancelled again", or "Dad, get on the video call so you can show me how to fix the boiler". That sort of thing. Woah! Hangouts rocks! 

Download Hangouts here

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13. Duolingo: Learn languages free

Google Translate may be great, but the long-term aim should be to learn to speak all those languages yourself. Duolingo does an amazing job of making this fun, with a format that's a bit like a pub quiz machine. It currently supports Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English, and if you "play" it regularly you'll definitely pick up at least some competence in your chosen language. With more intensive use you can give yourself a week's crash course before a trip abroad. 

Download Duolingo: Learn Languages Free here

14. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

This one is all about inspiration. As you would hope from an app about design, Houzz itself is neat, logically laid out, smart and pretty in all the right places, making it the perfect distraction as you recline on your Eames lounge chair, feet up on the ottoman, contemplating the witty juxtaposition of that chandelier in your bedsit.

Download Houzz Interior Design Ideas here

15. FxGuru: Movie FX Director

This slightly gimmicky special effects app is nonetheless very clever, verging on useful. It comes with a batch of free effects (the kind of things you'd see in a disaster movie) with additional packs as in-app purchases.

You point your phone or tablet at a scene (say, your office, the street or your garden), and then the app records a short video clip with a destructive missile attack or perhaps a hovering UFO superimposed over the live action. Motion tracking allows you to pan as you film, too. 

Download FxGuru: Movie FX Director here

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My picks for best android apps i.e. top 10 android apps are as follows:-

1)UC Browser http://www.8apk.net/2015/01/uc-browser-apk-android-download.html 

2)Google play sdervices http://www.8apk.net/2014/12/googleplay-services-apk-download.html

3)framaroot apk http://www.8apk.net/2014/12/download-framaroot-apk-latest-android.html

4)Rom Toolbox pro http://www.8apk.net/2014/12/rom-toolbox-pro-apk-download.html

5)Wifikill apk http://www.8apk.net/2015/01/wifikillapk-wifikill-wifikill-download-pro.html

6)lucky patcher apk http://www.8apk.net/2015/01/luckypatcher-apk-luckypatcher-luckypatcher-d...

7)Modded play store http://www.8apk.net/2015/01/modded-google-play-store-download-install-ch...

8)Freedom apk http://www.8apknet/2014/12/freedom-apk-freedomapk-freedom-apk-download.html

9)droidsheep apk http://www.8apk.net/2014/09/droidsheep-apk-download-droidsheep.html

10)Faceniff apk http://www.8apk.net/2014/12/faceniff-apk-cracked-download-latest.html



You may be interested in my app "Tilt Scroll", which adds to your phone, the feature "scrolling by tilting" , and  works with all other applications.

So basically, you can scroll your screen just by tilting your device.


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZcPtR_YW48


Google Play : http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tafayor.tiltscroll.free

Emergency Battery Charger app is way more useful than all this apps combined together! If you don't believe my just read it's description!


"Lollipop Lickers"

The new funny sports game for Android that will make you smile: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.balalapp.lollipop

Android apps I use: 





Smile ManagerHR can help with benefits administration, compensation management, information analysis, company report writing, and many other HR processes.

The ManagerHR android apps shows you a number of product/services provided by the system.

Download from here....    Nice App


If you need an app for using in your car on any iOS device then check out MIIV app forfree https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/miiv-hd-my-interactive-intelligent/id567522905?mt=8

Amazing list. Thank you very much 

Check also this app: 




Wallpaper set at predefined time or/and date.

Remember your friend's birthdays and name days by setting a picture of them as wallpaper at that date. Anniversaries, appointments and 'big' days can be much more easier to remember by setting a relevant subject image.

To add to these applications there is a new application Call+ launched for iOS and android which allows you to make a free call to a Mobile or Landline. It has new features diiferent from existing online calling applications. Follow the link for more details about Call+ : http://www.techuntold.com/free-online-calling-with-call/

Please add this aweosme Android Quotes app in your list:


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