10 things Apple should totally steal from Android for iOS 8 and the iPhone 6

4. Alternative app defaults

Although we wish something closer to the third-party Default App Manager existed in Android’s Settings app, Google’s OS at least betters iOS in enabling you to define the apps you want to use to perform certain commonplace tasks, such as email and web browsing. On iOS, Apple might have relaxed regarding products that ‘compete’ with its own (in the old days, quite a few were essentially ‘banned’ from the App Store), but you still can’t replace Safari with Chrome or Calendar with Fantastical; on Android, if you prefer the Firefox web browser to Chrome, Google’s not so precious.


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5. A straightforward app list

Want a list of everything that’s installed on your iPhone? Then you’d best get a pen and paper, and laboriously work your way through every folder and home screen, noting app names down. On Android, you instead prod a single icon to see everything that’s installed on your device — handy for most people and an absolute godsend for power users who regularly install lots of new apps and games.

6. Superior sharing

It’s fair to say no-one’s entirely mastered inter-app communications on mobile yet, with seamless round-tripping proving particularly elusive. However, Apple remains rooted in shoving every app into its own sandbox, stymying the possibility of apps easily working together — at least in a totally consistent manner and without huge effort from developers. By comparison, Android enables you to share to a much more diverse range of apps or services throughout the system, based on your needs and demands, rather than those of the people back at the mothership.

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This is moronic click bait.

Download from the web? Stupid stupid stupid.

iOS 7 is clearly unfinished (wish they hadn't copied that from Android) so what they've got planned for the today screen and keyboards is up for conjecture but I can see more opportunities with both these. Sharing too has obvious room to grow. As for a filesystem? No I don't want apps to have unfettered ability to go through the system.

A list of apps? Not really a problem. I use Siri to open apps when I'm not sure where they are or the search bar when there's too much noise or no data signal.

iOS is technically superior to Android. That's why I prefer it. There are things that Android does better (usually happens when following) but deep down Android's a mess.

Yikes. The majority of these are the reason that I don't use Android in the first place.

I really wont mind when Apple adds direct file access because their design philosophy would have changed so much that I would have jumped-ship for a better company a long time ago.

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