Ultimate setup: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Protect and enhance your trusty Kindle Paperwhite with these cases and accessories

Books aren't dead. At least we don't want them to be. We like the feel of well-worn paper, the smell of a musty classic, the weight of a well-read tome in our hands.

But they're not practical, and we embraced the magical e-reader long ago.

The Kindle Paperwhite is the best e-book reader we've ever laid our hands on, so we've decided to round up a bunch of accessories to spoil it rotten.

DecalGirl Skin for Kindle Paperwhite - Dragon Legend (£15)

We can't help it. We like dragons. Which means we also like this durable adhesive front and back protective non-residue sticker set which will transform your Paperwhite while protecting its body from scratches. Don't worry, there are plenty of other designs on offer if dragons aren't your thing.


Calibre e-book software (£free)

This very powerful and extremely useful bit of free software lets you convert a whole bunch of other e-book formats so that they're compatible with the Paperwhite (and all other Kindles for that matter). Not only that, but you can email converted books to the Kindle itself. Hello wireless sync.


Kindle International Travel Charging Kit (£25)

We get how it is. You're an international spy. You spend more times at airports and on top of trains than you do in your own Knightsbridge penthouse. Ensure your Paperwhite never runs out of battery while you're on the go, wherever you are, with this assortment of international charging adaptors.


Proporta Leather Style Book cover (£30)

If you miss the feel of a real book (remember those?), then this leather-style book cover might be just what you need to rekindle your flames of literary nostalgia. Pun not intended. Honest.


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Belkin Pleat Sleeve Case (£15)

Simple, yet effective, Belkin's attractive quilted carry case zips up your Paperwhite for maximum protection. Ideal for those who want to read e-books without a bulky case, but still want their precious Paperwhite to be safe during transport.


Poetic Sophistication stand case (US$25)

A classy name isn't the only thing this case has going for it. Not only does it offer font and back protection, but it doubles up as a stand too. Useful for resting on airplane trays, laps, dog heads etc etc.


Marblue SportGrip cover (US$20)

Not a fan of bulky cases but still want protection? This is the case for you. Slathering your Paperwhite in high-grade precision-moulded silicon, it offers enhanced grip and full protection, without blocking any ports.


Moshi AirFoil Screen Protector (£18)

The Paperwhite lacks the Gorilla Glass protection of smartphones and tablets. While we're positive that you're not clumsy at all in anyway whatsoever, it's alway nice to have that little extra bit of insurance eh? This screen protector promises minimal air bubbles and fingerprint resistance along with protection from scratches and transparency.


Magnetic flip case (£4.00)

Yes it's less than a fiver, but it's thin, protects the Paperwhite's face and backside, and has a magnetic clasp to ensure the cover is securely closed. No elastic bands required.


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