Amazon Fire TV hits UK on 23 October for £79, but Prime members can get it cheap until Monday

Orders begin today, and Prime members can get a serious discount if they act fast

Months after launching in the United States, Amazon’s Fire TV is finally ready to debut in the UK. But while you can order it now, the set-top box won’t actually ship for several weeks.

In the UK, the Amazon Fire TV sells for £79, but it won’t be available until 23 October. However, Prime members - existing or new ones, even - can get it for just £49 through Monday, although membership doesn't come with the privilege of speeding up the ship date.

Amazon has plastered its UK home page with the news, noting the box’s access to Netflix, Sky News, YouTube, and more, along with its own Instant Video offerings. It’s also a gaming system (Minecraft, check!), albeit with a controller that’s sold separately.

As revealed back in April, the box has a quad-core processor with 2GB RAM, plus a dedicated graphics chip, optional wired Ethernet connectivity, and voice search functionality. Amazon has happily set up a comparison to the Apple TV and Chromecast on the Fire TV’s listing, which does make it sound quite nice - if you’re a fan of the retailer’s digital ecosystem.

The Fire TV’s launch comes in the thick of the IFA convention’s news barrage, but while this may not be brand new tech, it’s still surely an appealing release for UK media consumers. Now, how about some news on when the Fire Phone is making its way to these shores?

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