Amazon Kindle Touch review

5 stars

Amazon's Kindles have long had a hold on the e-reader market, but its new finger-friendly model is a departure from its buttoned-up brothers. Is it a touch of class?

Amazon Kindle Touch review – sharp, sensitive display

The Touch's 6in screen has the same specs as Amazon's other Kindles, but this is the sharpest-looking e-reader yet – almost like reading a 'real' book. Unlike its brethren, the Touch has a recessed screen, which makes room for the infrared touch sensors and stops you from accidentally swiping the page. It's a little odd, but you soon get used to it.

Amazon Kindle Touch - Amazon Kindle Touch review – sharp, sensitive display 2

The Touch is sensitive and responsive, if not quite iOS-fast. Tapping most of the screen will turn a page, the left edge turns back and the top edge brings up the menu. You can also swipe to and fro as if flicking through a book, with only a miniscule pause as the page refreshes – though you might notice a little slowdown in complex menus.

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Amazon Kindle Touch review – improved controls

The touchscreen keyboard is a huge improvement on past Kindles, making text input smartphone-simple. Getting dictionary definitions and highlighting text is easier than ever – just use your finger – and you can even pinch to change font size. But it's not all touch: there are physical buttons for home and sleep, although sleep is too easily nudged.


As you'd expect from Amazon, the Kindle store is a joy to navigate – and the touch functions make it easier still to get around. Books are delivered in seconds over Wi-Fi and 3G, but unlike on its predecessors, you can't web browse over the 3G connection.

Amazon Kindle Touch review – versus Amazon Kindle

At just 170g, the baby in the Kindle range is 50g lighter and appreciably smaller than its bigger brothers – and cheaper too at £90. But unlike on the Touch or Keyboard, there's no 3G option – and having used the touchscreen, we're finding it hard to go back to boring old buttons.

Review by Adam White.


Amazon Kindle Touch

Faster, crisper and more book-like than ever – the Kindle Touch is the best e-reader out there

Amazon Kindle Touch review
5 stars
From £110.00
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