Amazon 4K video-on-demand service coming to Samsung TVs in October

Netflix isn’t the only video streaming service looking to offer ultra HD shows and movies

Samsung has announced that it’ll be launching a 4K Amazon Prime video-on-demand service on its televisions globally from October.

It’s not yet clear if Amazon’s service will be exclusive to Samsung TVs (but Samsung would probably make a big deal of it if it were, so we’re guessing it won’t be) and the amount and nature of the 4K content it’ll make available remains a mystery. Still, it’s good news for anyone with a Samsung 4K TV and no 4K videos to watch.

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Samsung also announced that it’ll be bringing 4K Netflix streaming (currently limited to the second season of House of Cards, Breaking Bad, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters 2, Smurfs 2 and four nature documentaries) to its European TVs, and that it’s reinforcing partnerships with other European 4K content providers like, maxdome and CHILI.

With the cat now out of the bag, we’re expecting to hear more about Amazon’s 4K streaming plans very soon.

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