The 10 best Kindle Fire HDX apps and games to download first

FIFA 14 (£free)

While you have to pay a little more to unlock Manager, Tournament and Kick Off modes, the free version of FIFA 14 lets you play along with real-world fixtures and lets you create your own ultimate fantasy team. And no, you can't clone Messi 12 times. We tried.

Skype (£free)

Skype is the world's favourite videophone app (yes, we're bringing that word back), letting you use the Kindle Fire HDX's 720p front-facing camera to chat away with your whole face, beaming it across the interwebs to you family and friends' screens. Lucky them.

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LinkedIn Pulse (£free)

Formally Pulse News, this app scours every corner of the internet from blogs to websites and everything in between to bring you tailored news from tech, fashion, finance… well, anything you fancy really. Your sources are synced across all devices including the web app, and you can read stories when you're offline too. 

Angry Birds Star Wars II (£free)

Angrier and more Star Wars-ier than ever, those crazy space-soaring birds are back, with enough Star Wars themes and throwbacks to please both old and new fans alike. Pork side and bird side levels, hidden maps and new characters await your Jedi-trained fingers.

Wunderlist (£free)

Being organised is, believe it or not, rather fun. Less stress, less panic, less 'my job interview was today!?' moments. This free app lets you keep on top of group projects, appointments and lists, syncing across all your devices and letting you share all the important stuff with your family/work team/secret spy network.


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