Alienware m15x

4 stars
The m15x is another out-of-this-world laptop design from Alienware. Is it onto something, or just on another planet?

Alienware M17

5 stars
The latest 17inch notebook from our outer space friends has phenomenal gaming power. But is it worth the outlay?

Alienware launches MP3 player and speaker dock

While it might seem that Apples grow on trees at the moment, we were surprised to see a new MP3/WMA/PlaysForSure player, called the CE-IV, announced by Alienware in the US. They've also opened spooky, misty hangar doors on the HUB, a speaker dock that wor

Little green PC

Big isn't beautiful; only overweight gadgets say it is. That's why small form factor PCs are flooding the desktop market, and Alienware has broken its tradition of hulking, high-end beasts to bring you the low-rise Area-51 5300
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