6 instant upgrades - barbecuing

Man need cook dinner with fire. He treat family and anger rivals by using tools thrown down from gadget gods…

The summer scorch is upon us – but your beef patties and plump pork sausages deserve better than the grill that lays rusting and forgotten at the back of the garden shed. 

No, your sizzling sausages and beautiful burgers hunger for a burning hot haven of charcoal and steel. If you’re looking for some seriously gourmet gadgetry to turn up the heat in your garden, then look no further. Stuff has rounded up the perfect tech goodies to get you grilling like never before this summer.

Halo Cooltouch

£495 haloproduct.com

British designer John Tomalin-Reeves was a bit peckish after designing BA’s award-winning T5 lounge, so he made this iconic food scorcher. Its clever triple-layer insulation keeps the outer shell cool enough to touch, meaning that chargrilled fingers won’t be on the menu. It’ll also keep your charcoal burning hotter for longer; 500g of it will stay at cooking temp for 4.5hrs. The marine-grade stainless grill is rust-resistant and will even slot into your dishwasher – leaving you free to slip into a meat-sweats food coma instead.

CyberQ WiFi

US$295 store.thebbqguru.com

Grilling is a religion in the US and this app-controlled cooking system has arrived from Pennsylvania to convert you. It has three meat probes and one for the pit – that’s barbecue in Americanese – so you won’t need to guess how hot your coals are, or when your animal flesh is seared to perfection. There’s also a port for an optional ‘Pit Viper’ fan to blow air on to your coals and regulate the cooking temperature. All of which means there’s zero chance of ‘food poisoning Friday’ ever being repeated.



£45 store.makro.co.uk

Do you a) have a particularly majestic set of eyebrows or b) hate the tang of lighter fluid in your burgers? Then you need a Looftlighter in your life. This mains-powered hot air blower uses a concentrated stream of super-heated air to get your coals all fired up in just 60 seconds. It works just as well on charcoal, wood, briquettes and various other fuel types, and can be used in fireplace-type scenarios to boot. Yes, it may lack the excitement of liquid fuel, but it’s environmentally friendly and has a built-in bottle-opener to make up for it.


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Keter Cool Bar

£70 very.co.uk

If you believe the average Aussie, the only drink we Brits serve once summer comes around is warm beer. And like many stereotypes, there’s a kernel of truth in it. This convertible side table could change perceptions in a flash. When off-duty it’s a squat side table, but if the sun ever makes an appearance you can raise its lip to reveal an insulated bucket ready to pack to the gunnels with ice and your summer sippin’ favourites. The top then doubles as a classy high-rise cocktail table. Say ‘hooroo’ to warm beer, mate.


Outback Stainless Steel BBQ Wok

£12 thebbqstore.co.uk

Vegetarians have a hard time of it at BBQs, usually making do with pepper kebabs covered in chicken juice and corn on the cob that’s never ready. Yes, that’s their own fault, but why not be nice to them for once and invest in this genius wok? It’s ideal for a grill-top stir-fry, with the holes in its base letting the smokey flavours infuse the veg and helping them keep their crunch. Just don’t chop ’em too fine or you’ll be sacrificing them to the fire gods.


Pit Mitt BBQ Grill Glove

£17 (for one mitt) chefscatalog.com

Barbecuing human flesh is still frowned upon – for now – but by combining heat-proof aramid fibres with a non-slip grip, the Pit Mitt ensures that you won’t sizzle your little sausage fingers while tending the grill. The fact that they’re less bulky than oven gloves means you’ll be able to flip burgers with the grass-and-gravel-free finesse of which you’ve previously only dreamed and the long cuff helps avoid pesky arm-hair flashfires, too. Which is never a good look.


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