Swipe to unlock: 5 incredible games that you can only play on your smartphone

Ingress (Android, £Free)

Google's massively multiplayer AR adventure turns your walk to work into an epic struggle for the future of the human race. In the game's fiction, a team of scientists have discovered a new form of energy that increases human intellect and creativity; the Enlightened faction backs its use, while the Resistance, er, resists it.

In the real world, you're tasked with tagging and modding portals – locations like public artworks and landmarks – in order to advance the cause of your chosen faction. Of course, sometimes the real world intruded on Google's JJ Abrams-style conspiracy narrative; the bitter rivalry between the Enlightened and the Resistance hasn't stopped the two sides periodically teaming up to create AR artworks by doodling on the game's map.

An iOS version is due in 2014 – but just wait until it hits Google Glass.

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The Room (Android/iOS, £1.49)

There's a box in a room. And you have to open it. Sounds simple enough, but this puzzler will draw you in with its addictive challenges. You'll have to tap at the safe to reveal hidden panels, explore the room to uncover clues, and fiddle around with keys, cogs and gears to proceed. And it's a tactile experience, one that relies on your iPad or Android phone's touchscreen (sorry iPhone users, it's iPad only) to immerse you in its intricate puzzles. 

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