5 of the best touchscreen gloves

Brrr… yep, it’s cold. Don’t get frostbite in the name of your smartphone. Get some of these touch-friendly mitts

Swrve City Cycling Gloves

£25, swrve.co.uk

5 of the best touchscreen gloves - Swrve City Cycling Gloves 2

These full-fingered touch gloves have special vents to cool your sweating palms and Kevlar padded knuckles for impromptu roadside boxing bouts (or accidental scrapes). The basic mitts are synthetic, but you can upgrade to leather for an extra £25.

TouchAbility Grey Touchscreen Gloves

£13, touchscreengloves.co.uk

5 of the best touchscreen gloves - TouchAbility Grey Touchscreen Gloves 2

These woolly mitts have silver threaded through all ten of their fingers, meaning you can keep your digits toasty without sacrificing pinch to zoom or tablet touch typing.

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£6/pair, iprints.org.uk

5 of the best touchscreen gloves - iPrints 2

Don’t want to give up your grandfather’s kidskin driving gloves? We don’t blame you, or him for not thinking that in future it might be an idea to have conductive fingertips stitched in by his glover. iPrints stick on to your favourite gloves, instantly making them touchscreen ready.

Proporta Touch Screen Gloves

£11, clove.co.uk

5 of the best touchscreen gloves - Proporta Touch Screen Gloves 2

We’re big fans of Proporta’s smartphone and tablet accessories, so we’d expect the company’s hand accessories to be able to pass muster, too. These baggily woven gloves are on our cheap thrills radar.

Totes Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves

£17.50, totes.co.uk

5 of the best touchscreen gloves - Totes Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves 2

It’s no good having touchscreen-friendly gloves if they make holding on to your gadget like handling a buttered eel. Totes (famous for slipper socks, but we won’t hold it against them) has equipped these mitts with both conductive fingertips and a grippy palm.

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