5 of the best sunshine gadgets

Our selection of tech will help you make the most of the British summertime

It’s been a long time coming, but the sun is finally shining on ol’ Blighty. Here’s our selection of tech that helps you make the most of the summer sunshine.


Moshi iVisor

£24.95, MobileFun

5 of the best sunshine gadgets - Moshi iVisor 2

Most anti-glare screens for the iPad are self-adhesive, and thus cover your tablet’s screen in lots of unsightly bubbles. Not so the iVisor, which clips onto the iPad 2 or new iPad and cuts sun glare without ruining the look, affecting the touch capabilities or interfering with most cases. It can also be removed without leaving a speck of residue.

Eton Rukus

£149.95, Nevada Radio

5 of the best sunshine gadgets - Eton Rukus  2

Not only can the Rukus run from solar power, it can even charge your iPod (or any other USB device) and plays music via Bluetooth, cutting down on cable spaghetti. A full battery delivers many hours of audio playback, making this an ideal partner for those long weekends spent lounging in the sun.


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Ray Ban Clubmaster

£113, Sunglasses Shop

5 of the best sunshine gadgets - Ray Ban Clubmaster 2

Wayfarers and Aviators may be ubiquitous these days, but the lesser-known Clubmaster shades are every bit as stylish as their more widespread cousins.


Bern Brentwood

£64.99, Evans Cycles

5 of the best sunshine gadgets - Bern Brentwood 2

Few cycling helmets feature a visor to keep the sun out of your eyes, but the Brentwood can be kitted out with a peak – and even goes a step further by rocking sunglass channels to make wearing shades more comfy. 



£79.99, Firebox

A protective case for your fourth-generation Kindle that also acts as a portable light and solar-powered backup battery, the SolarKindle will stretch the e-reader’s already-lengthy battery life up to threefold. Ideal if you’re heading out into the wilderness and don’t know when you’ll next see a USB port.

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