5 of the best Star Wars gadgets

As the space opera series turns 35, we bring you a collection of the finest Star Wars-themed tech

It’s been 35 years since A New Hope landed in cinemas, giving us a perfect excuse to round up some of the best related gadgets. As Yoda might say, “Some of the best Star Wars tech we have located for you.”

Lego R2-D2

£149.99, Lego

5 of the best Star Wars gadgets - Lego R2-D2 2

The world’s favourite droid is now available as a 1,200-piece Lego set. Standing over 12 inches high, Artoo features a retractable third leg and opening front with circular saw and computer interface arm inside. Some might call it an overpriced toy, but they deserve to be fed to a Rancor.


Scalextric Death Star Attack

£69.99, Scalextric

5 of the best Star Wars gadgets - Scalextric Death Star Attack 2

Forget cars. This Micro Scalextric set features a 1:64 scale X-Wing racing against Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter. The track even glows in the dark for that immersive “we’re in space” vibe. Now this one is definitely a toy, so perhaps we suggest buying it for your own or someone else’s child and then “forgetting” to give it to them.


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Hasbro FX Lightsaber

£40.46, Amazon

5 of the best Star Wars gadgets - Hasbro FX Lightsaber 2

We’ve all dreamed of owning one – and now you can. Sure, this lightsaber won’t cleave a man’s arm off with one stroke (it may give him a small bruise though), but you can display it on your mantlepiece like a trophy. A trophy that says, “I value sci-fi collectibles more than genuine interior decor.”


Star Wars Xbox 360

£349.99, Amazon

5 of the best Star Wars gadgets - Star Wars Xbox 360 2

R2-D2 is back, this time in the guise of Microsoft’s console, complete with special bleeping sounds – while the controller bears a striking resemblance to his gold protocol droid buddy C3PO. This 320GB Xbox 360 is a limited edition issue that comes with Kinect and a copy of the Kinect Star Wars game.


Star Wars Mimobot flash drive

From US$17.95, Mimoco

5 of the best Star Wars gadgets - Star Wars Mimobot flash drive 2

Mimoco has been selling flash drives resembling Star Wars characters for years, and its collection now includes Lando Calrissian, Wicket and even the Hoth Wampa monster. 2GB to 64GB capacities are available.

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