5 of the best geek ties

Fix up and look sharp with our hand-picked selection of some of the coolest geeky ties this side of the interwebs

Hermès keyboard tie

£135 uk.hermes.com

5 of the best geek ties - Hermès keyboard tie 2

Look past the eye-watering price tag and you'll appreciate the subtlety of this keyboard pattern Hermès tie. It's a perfect example of how to blend style and geekery without shoving over the top graphics down your throat. It's part of Hermès' new 8ties range – the ties feature subtle geek motifs like power icons and graph paper hidden away in the pattern, plus an easter egg graphic round the back that gives the game away.

Star Trek tie

US$35 thinkgeek.com

5 of the best geek ties - Star Trek tie 2

You can't get much geekier than Star Trek – but this set of command, space and engineering ties are subtle enough to ensure that only die-hard Trekkies will recognise your inner geek. Officially licensed, they're also colour matched with archived and preserved fabric swatches from 1969. Talk about dedication. We'd recommend avoiding the red one, though – given what tends to happen to redshirts on the show.

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'Ties suck' binary tie

US$30 thinkgeek.com

5 of the best geek ties - 'Ties suck' binary tie 2

If you can't read binary (shame on you), allow us to translate. The ones and zeros on this fetching blue silk neck-hugger spell out 'ties suck' over and over again. It's an inside joke that only you and the IT guy will get, but you can take solace in the fact that you'll be sticking it to the establishment, right under its nose. You rascal, you.

8-bit tie

£15 lazyboneuk.com

5 of the best geek ties - 8-bit tie 2

Never wear a clip-on tie unless you have a valid excuse – though this 8-bit tie is a pretty good excuse. Confuse your friends, bewilder your co-workers and force people to visit Specsavers. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Eleventh Doctor Who's bow tie

US$30 abbyshot.com

5 of the best geek ties - Eleventh Doctor Who's bow tie 2

Bow ties are cool.

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