25 unbelievably good free Windows Phone games

Flow Free

Flow free, or die hard. You’ll need brain power to make it through this puzzle game. Form a line between two dots of the same colour, and you’re good to go. You can’t cross the streams, errm, we mean, lines. Crossing them won't destroy space and time, but it’ll break the chain.

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Frozen Free Fall

Don’t be duped - there’s no Candy Crush Saga on Windows Phone. Control your candy addiction by matching ice crystals instead. This tie-in to Disney’s latest animation, Frozen, is a match-three game that most of us are familiar with. Choose your characters wisely, for each has specific power-ups such as a fire attack that’ll burn an entire row of crystals.

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Jetpack Joyride

Unlike normal jetpacks (ok, jetpacks aren’t really normal to begin with), this experimental weapon spews bullets, lasers, rainbows (really?) and unicorns. Nah, we’re kidding about the unicorns, though its stabby horn could do some massive damage. Your only mission, is to keep Barry Steakfries alive. Mmm, steak fries.

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Kingdoms & Lords

Sire, your kingdom is in need of your wisdom. Plant crops and raise animals to fund your armies. Unleash your fury upon unsuspecting neighbours, who're your real-life friends on Xbox Live. Be warned, your kingdom will fall if you don’t upgrade your buildings and prepare your defenses against vengeful rivals.

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Microsoft Minesweeper

Nothing gets your adrenaline rushing like a mine, ready to blow if you make one wrong move. The logic game that made you look busy in the office is updated with new graphics and sound. Damn it, our chunky finger just triggered another mine accidentally!

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