25 of Nintendo's greatest hits

R.O.B. (1985)

Available as part of a deluxe NES package, the Robotic Operating Buddy was Nintendo’s attempt to add extra value to the system beyond mere games. R.O.B. was controlled via flashes from a screen (he will only work with CRT TVs, no LCD or plasma screens) and could perform a few actions, but his lifespan was limited by the fact that Nintendo only ever released two games – Stack-Up and Gyromite – with which he was compatible.

Super Mario Galaxy (2007)

One of the best selling and highest rated games in the history of the Wii and in fact the entire gaming universe, Super Mario Galaxy took everyone's favourite plumber into outer space, for gravity-defying adventures across dinky planets. Innovative and challenging – and making use of the Wii's unique control setup to great effect – it's another jewel in Nintendo's platforming crown.

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Donkey Kong (1981)

Often regarded as the first platform game, Donkey Kong gave us a glimpse of the potential of gaming, and along the way it introduced two of Nintendo’s most popular characters. The player took on the role of Mario – originally named Jumpman, and blessed with carpentry rather than plumbing skills) on a quest to rescue Lady (later renamed Pauline) from the titular ape. Starting out as an arcade cabinet game, it was released for home console version on the ColecoVision and handheld version on Nintendo’s own Game & Watch.

Wii U (2012)

Taking over from the hugely successful Wii, the new Wii U Ninty console offers an HDMI port for full HD or 720p (as well as AV for old TVs that have seen better ways) and improved graphics. Gone are the elongated controllers of old – you now get a touchscreen GamePad controller that packs a 6.2in display, speakers, a front-facing camera and even a microphone. The future of video games, Nintendo style.

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