25 of Nintendo's greatest hits

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)

While the more childish Nintendo fan will always treasure Conker's Bad Fur Day as the best N64 outing, Ocarina of Time is easily one of the best games of all time. Like, ever. Wherever it went, it had pundits and gamers falling over themselves with glee at just how good it was. Even now, the third-person adventure and its colourful landscapes, memorable script and epic boss battles still give some modern-day titles a master class in game design - some 15 years on.

Wii Motion Plus controller (2009)

Shortly after the arrival of the Wii's Motion Plus controller, which encouraged physical movements to control games like Wii Sports, reports of broken televisions did the rounds. It was an odd by-product of a genius way of introducing your parents and their parents to how compelling a good video game can be. It also represented something fundamental: health and video games can co-exist like good friends, a subject that is still all the rage.

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Super Mario Bros 3 (1990)

As amazing as Mario is when it comes to platform gaming, it doesn't half make us feel old. The iconic hero appeared in the third game on the Nintendo Entertainment System aka NES in 1990 - yes, that's 22 years ago. The best of the NES-based Mario games saw the Italian plumber flying, floating, jumping and sliding his way through eight increasingly difficult worlds, each as colourful and charismatic as the next. Hard as nails but ultimately a gem of a game, Nintendo showed it really meant business.

Nintendo DS Lite (2006)

Just in case the brilliant Nintendo DS was too heavy, Nintendo went and made a lighter and smaller version known as the DS Lite in 2006. This skinnier edition, which maintained the dual screen and stylus from its predecessor, proved to be a huge success with gamers still hooked on portable gaming classics like Pokémon and Harvest Moon. A worthy successor to the Game Boy, if ever there was one.

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Nintendo 3DS (2011)

While its rivals were faffing about trying to cram ever more powerful processors into their handheld consoles, Nintendo took a more leftfield approach. The result was the 3DS, the first (and still the only) handheld games console to feature a true 3D display. Opinion's divided on whether it's genius or a gimmick – especially after the arrival of the clunky Circle Pad add-on – but Nintendo's commitment to innovating has to be commended.

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