35 fantastic free Android games

Winter Walk

A supremely simple game – you’re a Victorian gentleman on his daily constitutional, and must hold your finger on the screen every time the wind threatens to dislodge your top hat – Winter Walk succeeds through the sheer force of its charm. Lovely stuff.

Download Winter Walk here

Words With Friends

Scrabble by another name (well, with apparently just enough differences to prevent legal action), Words With Friends is an evergreen smartphone staple thanks to its simplicity, the fact that you play “with friends” (but only one per game) and the fact that it never rushes you: you have several days to take your turn, so it can be played whenever you have a spare minute.

Download Words With Friends here

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Pixel Dungeon

An old-school “roguelike” game of subterranean fantasy exploration with lovely pixel-art visuals, Pixel Dungeon’s automatically-generated levels deliver a different experience every time. Can you fight through the dungeon’s monsters and navigate its traps in order to find the Amulet of Yendor? Of course you can!

Download Pixel Dungeon here

Temple Run 2

Probably the best-known of the “endless runner” games (its developers have even sold the movie rights to a Hollywood studio) Temple Run 2 tasks you with sprinting for as long as possible, avoiding obstacles and staying a few steps ahead of the monkey-demon creatures in pursuit. Coins and power-ups keep you alive, while new unlockables keep you coming back time and time again.

Download Temple Run 2 here

Hopeless: The Dark Cave

At turns cute and disturbing, this game sees you playing as gun-toting yellow blobs in the centre of a pitch-black cave. Things run towards your little pool of light in the middle and you have only a moment to react: monsters must be shot before they can grab you, while other yellow blobs need to be left to join you and increase your powers. But the tension is such that you’ll sometimes find yourself blasting would-be blobby allies...

Download Hopeless: The Dark Cave here

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