30 best FPS games ever

Perfect Dark (2000)

A sequel to GoldenEye in all but name, Perfect Dark saw developers Rare ditching James Bond and putting you in the shoes of special agent Joanna Dark. Although the setting was changed, and Joanna couldn't be more different to the libidinous agent 007, the gameplay was all but untouched; hi-res graphics and Dolby surround sound complimented the polished shooter perfectly.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011)

Where Deus Ex 2 abandoned the original game's open approach in favour of a straightforward shooter, this prequel went back to basics; as augmented security specialist Adam Jensen, you use your cybernetic abilities to take down your foes by any means necessary. The freedom to achieve your objectives with ninja-like stealth or all-out trigger spraying is a refreshing feature and ensures plenty of replay opportunities.

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Counter Strike Source (2004)

This remake of the classic Counter Strike was well known as the hardcore FPS players’ game of choice. Little touches like body-location shot damage, recoil and no respawns meant no room for n00b errors. Boom, headshot.

Call of Duty: Black Ops (2010)

Its multiplayer may have been plagued with obnoxious prepubescent teens, but that hasn’t stopped COD: Black Ops from grossing over a billion dollars in sales and selling over seven million copies in its first 24 hours. Shoot, blow up or knife down enemy soldiers in fast-paced battles. Its Cold War setting made for a refreshing change from the usual Tom Clancy-esque modern warfare shenanigans, and added some welcome shades of grey to its storyline.

Titanfall (2014)

Titanfall is an FPS on steroids. Take a traditional shooter with grenades, guns, bullets and two teams blasting the hell out of each other. Now, give each player a jetpack and the ability to run along walls and leap over obstacles like a bunch of wired-up parkour kings.

Now throw in huge mechs with guns the size of cars, and fists capable of smashing through concrete like Mike Tyson uppercutting a wet piñata. 

The end result is a frantic FPS like no other, full of traditional battlefield scraps, rooftop leaping and, of course, giant mech battles. "Standby for Titanfall" - no words have sounded sweeter.

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Battlefield 4 is a terrible game , extremely buggy still . Your reviews seem to be a lot off recently .

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