30 best FPS games ever

Marathon (1994)

Marathon was that rarest of things – a Mac exclusive game that held its own against rival platforms' offerings. The fact that it was created by Bungie, who would later go on to produce Halo for the Xbox, may have had something to do with that. Its slick game mechanics were bolstered by a refreshingly intricate storyline, casting you as a security officer responding to a spacecraft’s mysterious distress call. It's an intriguing hint of what could have been; a world in which Apple poured its efforts into hardcore gaming. On this evidence, it would've been quite a contender.

Deus Ex (2000)

This gripping cyberpunk adventure pushed the boundaries of what was possible with an FPS. Its branching storyline and cybernetic  augmentations allowed for endless variations in playing style – it was even possible to complete the game without killing anyone – while its compelling plot drew you into a shadowy world of conspiracies and double dealing.

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Resistance 3 (2011)

Chock full of explosive action, Resistance 3 conveys a powerful sense of desperation in the human race’s fight against the Chimera alien forces. A cavalcade of fancy weapons is an adequate solution to painting the walls red with alien insides and online multiplayer offers a chance to hone your l337 skillz.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (2007)

Improvements in enemy AI made this sequel to the first Advanced Warfighter a much more polished experience, in which teammates could be usefully controlled thanks to the Crosscom 2.0 technology – if only ordering around people in real life were as easy.

Borderlands (2009)

With gorgeously cartoonish cel-shaded graphics and a Mad Max aesthetic, Borderlands looked like nothing else on the market. Its gameplay was unique, too; a loot-collecting upgrade extravaganza that lends itself to co-op gaming. Gleefully chaotic.

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Battlefield 4 is a terrible game , extremely buggy still . Your reviews seem to be a lot off recently .

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