25 best consoles ever

You'll need a pretty big TV if you want to keep all of these under it...

Nintendo Wii (2006)

While Microsoft and Sony busied themselves with graphical intensity and gutsy hardware, Nintendo introduced an unassuming white box that came with a minimalist remote control with a twist – motion control. You plugged it in, fired up Wii Sports, and ignored “proper” gaming for a few months.


Nintendo Wii review



Panasonic 3DO (1993)

It could support eight controllers, had oodles of expansion options and could give its peers – the PSOne and Sega Saturn – a fair fight. So what stopped Panasonic's 3DO changing the world as much as it could’ve? That age old combo of console disappointments: lack of third-party games and a prohibitive price tag.



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Nintendo Game Boy (1990)

One word can explain the success of Nintendo’s monochrome portable phenomenon: Tetris. The handheld console shifted nearly 120 million units globally despite the availability of the Atari Lynx, which had colour, a backlit screen and could network with other Lynx. Smart, but it didn’t have Tetris like the Game Boy.



Nintendo DS (2005)

Although its split screen harked back to Nintendo’s single-title Game & Watch handhelds from the ‘80s, the DS’s touchscreen was a gaming reinvention. Such was its popularity, it spawned an evolving franchise that includes the DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL and – most recently – 3DS.

Sony PlayStation 3 (2006)

Following up the PS2’s success was a job akin to having the Rolling Stones as your support band. Sony threw everything it had into its HD offering – the PS3 had a 3.2GHz eight-core CPU, swappable HDD and Blu-ray player. Such was its power, users are still asked to hand over their processing power to medical research when they take a break from Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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