25 best bug movies ever

It's National Save A Spider Day, so we've rounded up the best bug movies ever, trapped them under a glass, and let them out the window

Afraid of spiders and other creepy crawlies? Look away now – we've rounded up the 25 best bug movies ever to celebrate National Save A Spider Day.

The Fly (1986)

A remake that (unusually) equals the original film, David Cronenberg’s sci-fi body shock horror sees scientist Jeff Goldblum accidentally merge his DNA with that of a housefly. Goldblum soon begins to take on the physical and mental characteristics of the bug – and that’s where the fun really starts…

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The first James Bond movie features a memorable scene in which the baddies use a tarantula in an attempt to assassinate a sleeping Bond, only for 007 to wake up just in time and demonstrate his own inimitable form of shoe-based pest control. The accompanying score is pure comedy.

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