12 surprising reasons you need a 3D printer

Tyre lever

Cyclists can use this free design to prise tyres off their wheels for replacement or repair. The lever is small enough to carry around in your jeans pocket.

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Bottle opener

Crack open a cold one with something you’ve made yourself – and no, we’re not talking about your teeth. There’s no shortage of 3D printable bottle opener designs online, but this one avoids the danger of shattered plastic by employing a slot for a coin. It’s also customisable, allowing you to print an image of your choice on the front.

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Cable wraps

Cables, cables everywhere – that’s the lot of the modern gadget owner, who likely has a collection of charger leads, headphone cords and more creating an unwanted spaghetti bolognese on your desktop. All that can be avoided with these spools from Eddie Licitra, which keep your unruly leads in check.

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Tablet stand

A stand to prop your iPad, Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire on a tabletop is so simple a device that paying some accessories company a tenner for it seems perverse. Enter 3D printing. This free design works with almost any type of slate.

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