12 surprising reasons you need a 3D printer

Shower head

A shower head can be a simple device if you’re not looking for adjustability and “massaging” functions, but you’ll still pay a pretty penny for one at your local DIY shop. Why not just print your own for a grand total of less than a couple of quid in materials?

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Key hanger

You probably don’t have a key hanger at home, which is probably why you’ve just lost your keys again. Ensure that doesn’t happen again with this customisable, free design for a wall-mounted hook (or hooks).

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iPhone tripod mount

Take your iPhone photos and Vine videos to the next level by mounting your smartphone on a tripod. Rather than buy a mount for a few quid, you can print this one out for next to nothing.

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Plastic bottle mudguard

With the weather getting wetter, you might be considering a mudguard for the rear wheel of your road bike. This design (which cannot, sadly, be downloaded and has to be printed to order at a cost of around £15) allows you to use a sliced-up plastic bottle for the purpose, thanks to a small clip that attaches to your frame.

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